If you are the mother of a sexually abused child, this site is for you.

The MOSAC site is designed specifically for mothers who have experienced the sexual abuse of one of their children. Life is difficult for mothers following the disclosure of a child's abuse, and they often have few, if any, resources available to them. Mothers sometimes have no supportive family or friends. They often have very little knowledge about child sexual abuse and want to read about and understand what has happened to their children. Most mothers of sexually abused children say that they need and want help following disclosure. This site is designed to be a comprehensive source of information about sexual abuse and to offer support and resources.  


Recent News



It's Time to Count the Costs of Child Sexual Abuse
The HUFFPOST IMPACT published an article about the costs of sexual abuse. They ask the question: "Will we ever win the fight against child sexual abuse?" The author, Jon Brown, works with the National Read More...



How Can You Protect Your Kids From Child Molesters?
KATU.com published article, with video of conference speaker talking about sex abuse. "It's the type of conference that had to begin with a warning for those in the audience. Hearing from victims of s Read More...



Mother Of Child Sex Abuse Victim Seeking New State Law
CBS Chicago reports on efforts of the mother of a sexually abused child in changing state laws regarding child sex abuse. This mother's daughter was sexually abused by a neighbor a Read More...



Verizon Defends Decision to Offer Incest and Child Themed Porn on Video-on-Demand
Fox News published article on March 20 regarding Verizon's defending their decision to offer incest and child-themed porn on video-on-demand. "Broadband and telecommunications giant Verizon is un Read More...



Washington County Detectives Share 25 Things Parents Should Know About Child Sex Abuse
On March 15 The Oregonian published an article in which Washington County detectives shared 25 things parents should know about child sex abuse. Detective Kiurski said, "Parents are the filter," addin Read More...



How Cutting Edge Research Can Help Psychologists and Judges Protect Children
Barry Goldstein writes about one of the most important research studies of the impact of adverse experiences in a child's life. The study began as a project to treat morbidly obese patients; Read More...