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Fri, Jul 26, 2019

The MOSAC Chat Page has been online since Spring, with several hundred moms requesting passwords to the confidential chat rooms. However, there is some CONFUSION about the rooms on the Chat Page. The GENERAL CHAT ROOM is open to anyone who signs in with their email and personal password. However, you must have the confidential password in order to sign into the PRIVATE ROOMS. Several rooms are available, according to the most commonly talked about subjects, such as family situations, court, supporting your child, or your own self-care. If you have a particular topic you want to discuss, ask others to join you in that room. You can also message another mom privately. Please offer suggestions so that this Chat Page is the most supportive to moms.

BASIC INSTRUCTIONS: All MOSAC website pages have a link to the Chat Page. Sign in with your email and your own password, and you will go to the Welcome! page. From there, in order to access the private Chat Rooms, you must have a special password. Use the link, Contact Us, tell me a few sentences about your interest in the Chat page, and I will send you the password. Topical Chat Rooms are currently there, so that if you have specific questions or concerns regarding those areas, you can either chat there, or leave a message that you want to chat with someone. These topical areas will be increased and will parallel the topics on the MOSAC website. Note: You also have the ability to do private messaging to others on the Chat page.   

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