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Mel Langston, PhD, LPC is the author is What Do I Do Now? A Survival Guide for Mothers of Sexually Abused Children. She is a licensed therapist in Astoria, Oregon and has 30 years of experience working with mothers of sexually abused children, victims, families, and adult and adolescent sex offenders. Her Master's thesis studied effective coping strategies for mothers of sexually abused children. Her doctoral dissertation explored dissociation, PTSD, and health effects in mothers, related to a child's disclosure of sexual abuse. Dr. Langston has facilitated parent groups, non-offending partner groups, and provided trauma therapy, support and resources for victims, mothers, and families. She also presents at national conferences.

Because Dr. Langston is a mother of sexually abused children, she experienced the chaos and confusion following disclosure of her child's sexual abuse, and she asked, "Is there a book I can read that tells me what to do next?" The newly published book, What Do I Do Now? A Survival Guide, answers that anquished question for mothers in need of answers and help.

In 2010, Dr. Langston launched www., as well as subsequent Facebook and Twitter accounts and a Facebook mothers' support group. In addition to her clinical practice, she has responded to thousands of queries from mothers and professionals around the world.


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