Links to other web sites are provided to assist you in obtaining information, resources, and support. These links have been arranged topically.

  • Report and Hot Lines - National Hotlines and links to local hotlines. Some are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Provide resources to parents, child victims, professionals, and interested individuals. Some sites are staffed by professionals and provide counseling and support. 
  • Sexual Abuse Information - Links to information and resources about sexual abuse, victims, mothers, offenders, and therapy.
  • Legal Advocacy - Links to organizations offering extensive information on criminal and juvenile justice, legal representation and protection of children, and referrals to local attorneys.
  • Support - Links to sites that offer support to survivors, families, mothers, and other family members and access to community and local resources and support. Some web sites offer online support groups that include chat rooms and forums.   
  • Prevention - Research and help for individual, family, and community prevention of child sexual abuse. Websites offer information and materials to support raising of community awareness about child sexual abuse.
  • Professional - Links to websites geared toward professionals working with child sex abuse victims, adult survivors, mothers, offenders, and families. Many sites offer information and support resources useful to mothers of children who have been sexually abused. 

Disclaimer: Inclusion of a link does not mean that the sponsor of this site agrees with the content or endorses its accuracy.  


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