The References section contains:
  • Site Reference List  - Some references are mentioned in the content of this website. These are included in a limited list of references.
  • Recent Research - This page provides summary information for research published in the last year.  
  • Annotated Bibliography - The Annotated Bibliography is more extensive and includes information about the content of some articles published since 2000. When articles are available to the public, links are included so that you can go directly to the article and read it.
  • Comprehensive Historical Reference List - A more comprehensive list of references including articles and books found by this writer during research regarding mothers of sexually abused children. Includes articles on topics included in this website. 

The purpose of these references is to provide the reader with an opportunity to do further research. Historically, research about mothers was negative and implied that they did not believe the disclosure of sexual abuse and may actually have colluded with the perpetrator. In recent years, research has shown that most mothers believe their children and try to protect their children from future abuse.



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