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Praise for What Do I Do Now? A Survival Guide for Mothers of Sexually Abused Children (MOSAC)

"As a survivor and mom of a survivor, I absolutely support your work. I'm thankful to have MOSAC on the task." —Tarana Burke, #MeToo Movement Founder

"This go-to guiide helps mothers through the hard work of their children heal. The book will give mothers hope when they need it mosts." —Erin Merryn, President, Erin's Law

"After criminal and civil legal processes end, mothers alone are often responsible for helping their kids heal from trauma. I will recommend thi important first-of-its-kind resource to my clients." —Peter B. Janci, nationally known civil attorney for child sexual abuse victims

"When my adult son disclosed childhood sexual abuse, I felt so alone. The invaluable advice and unparalled experience and support in this book, along with, offer essential support, hope and healing to mothers and victims." —Joy Robson, Mother in "Leaving Neverland." 

When a mother finds out her child has been sexually abused, her life is thrown into chaos. She faces devastating choices at a time when she feels as if she is drowning. The pressure is intense: a supportive response on her part will bolster her child’s recovery, while a negative response will exacerbate her child’s trauma—sometimes for a lifetime. Just when her child needs her the most, she is caught in a whirlwind of emotions and challenging decisions. Until now, she has had to face this gauntlet with little effective support. But thankfully, Langston and colleagues have created an easily accessible, supportive guidebook designed specifically for these mothers. With the publication of What Do I Do Now? they have cast an invaluable lifeline into turbulent waters. Every mother of a sexually abused child should buy this book.” —Laura Davis, co-author of international best seller, "The Courage to Heal" and author of "I Thought We’d Never Speak Again"

"Langston focuses on the experience of the mother who learns her child has been sexually abused. This is enormously significant in understanding the full picture of childhood sexual abuse, and in healing the wounds that it causes. Mothers are often blamed; the mother’s subjective experience includes her guilt, blame, confusion, and pain that she has been unaware of her child’s abuse. This book is timely and necessary if we are to fully address the wounds of childhood sexual abuse and try to fully heal them for the victims and their families.” —Ellen Nasper, PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine, Clinical Conference Chair, Connecticut Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology.

“Given the notion that one’s attachment to others is compromised after a traumatic event, an essential goal in my practice is to help restore connections wherever safe and possible. From this frame of reference, acting in a way that positively influences the outcome of trauma is as essential as the individual work necessary in recovering from the traumatic event. Langston’s book provides a keen perspective on the dilemmas seen through the mother’s experience, as well as offering practical assistance to guide her through this often perilous and grieving terrain.” —Leslie Reed, LCSW, practicing therapist, Long Island and Manhattan, New York 

"For Impact Productions produced Emmy-nominated “The Tale,” starring Laura Dern, based on a true story of child sexual abuse. What Do I Do Now? A Survival Guide for Mothers of Sexually Abused Children (MOSAC) will be a critically-needed resource to help mothers and families prevent and help their children recover from sexual abuse.” —Simone Pero, Founder, For Impact Productions

“This invaluable book is a much-needed resource offering specific supports for mothers and children in coping with the nuclear fallout of this traumatic event.” —Jennifer Fox, Director, Producer of “The Tale”

“This book is so needed for mothers. Bravo!” —Lisa R. Gray, mother, speaker, counselor and author of "They Don’t Tell, Child Abuse: A Mother’s Perspective"

“Mel Langston has created a comprehensive resource needed for decades, including interventions and answers for mothers of sexually abused children.” —Robert E. Haussmann, PhD, former Dean of Psychology, Northcentral University, Prescott Valley, AZ

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