Red Flag Behaviors in Perpetrators

After reunification occurs, mothers must maintain a safe environment for all children in the home. This requires accountability mechanisms and close observation of the perpetrator. The following behaviors indicate increased or high risk and should be discussed promptly. Do not delay professional intervention and possible removal of the offender from the home. The following are adapted from work published by Wyre (1987).

Red Flag Behaviors 
If the perpetrator demonstrates the following attitudes or behaviors, he or she is no longer a safe person in the home. The first responsibility of mothers is to support and protect the victim and other children in the home. The following constitute cause for temporary removal from the home. If the abuser seeks professional help and alters behaviors, later reunification may be possible. However, prognosis for future safety of children is now very low. 
  • Abuses alcohol or drugs. The use of mood-altering substances reduces inhibitions, and re-offense may occur while perpetrator is intoxicated.
  • Denies risk of re-offense and views himself as trustworthy.
  • Views pornography of any kind - publication, video, or online or frequents X-rated bookstores or other sexually provocative settings.
  • Emphasizes the innocence of his prior sexual contact with children.
  • Minimizes the impact of past abusive behaviors.
  • Is not accountable for time away from home.
  • Is not honest in other areas of life.
  • Has involvement in activities involving children or adolescents, such as church, scouts, little league.
  • Expresses desire and appropriateness in being left alone with children.
  • Changes in sexual relationship and function with partner.
  • Openly discusses sex in presence of children.
  • Argues for trust and expresses dissatisfaction with the structure of home, house rules, and accountability.



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