Victim Services

Victim services may be available from the local Victim Advocacy or Victim Services Office at the courthouse, from a local Women's Resource Center or Women's Crisis Center, or from other victim-oriented non-profit services. If you have not yet been informed of the availability of these services, call your local Law Enforcement office, the County Courthouse, or check for a local phone listing for a Women's Resource or Crisis Center. 

Victim Advocacy services usually include: 
  • Informing victims of the rights available to them their state of residence.
  • Explaining how the court process works.
  • Finding information for the victim about status of the court case.
  • Communicating victim's needs and wishes to justice system departments. 
  • Advocating for victims' needs.
  • Assisting victims in finding resources,community services, and assistance.
  • Supporting victims throughout the criminal justice process.
  • Making sure that victims are treated fairly and respectfully. 
  • Providing crisis and emotional support and guidance. 
  • Informing victims about Crime Victim Compensation and helping with application process.
  • Helping victims recover property or receive restitution.
  • Helping victims with employer problems, such as when work is missed during a trial. 
  • Providing a secure place for victims to wait during court proceedings.
  • Assisting victims with application for an Order of Protection if the victim of domestic violence , sexual assault (including child sexual abuse and incest), or stalking.

Local services may also be available through a Women's Resource Center or County Crisis Center. These agencies may also offer:

  • Crisis response.
  • Emergency shelter.
  • Information and referral.
  • Assistance with protective orders.
  • Medical and legal advocacy.
  • Safe place to talk and explore options.
  • Survivor support groups .



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